Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ready for May!

On the last day of April, I finished my project for the month - starting seeds and digging a flower bed!

We moved over the winter, and I had to leave all my plantings behind.  The previous owner of this house did not like yard work, and had zero landscaping.  Not a plant, flower, tree or shrub, not a vine or a dandelion popping up in the yard.  Time for that to change!

I've never started plants inside before, so it's just one seed starter tray from Burpee plus the seeds for a few things I know we like.  We have 2 kinds of cukes, tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, zinnias and marigolds.   About half of the seeds have germinated...

(when you run out of row markers you can totally use plastic forks.  I suppose I could have whittled more or something, but whatevs :D) 

I bought some more "direct sow" seeds, and will collect some perennial plants as the season goes on.

And the front yard went from this:

To this:

Yes, shocking difference.  But that was 3 hours of work!  I laid out the hose into the shape I wanted, and Bob (husband) cut the shape with a shovel.  Then we (he) dug out the sod and rototilled.  The soil actually looks great, so with the addition of some peat moss and manure I think we're in business!

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